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  • Nevermind About Internet Cafes…

    Posted in Sweepstakes and Lottery by on March 24, 2017

    Jacksonville attorney Kelly Mathis got some good news this week: State prosecutors have decided not to retry him on more than one hundred charges for gambling-related offenses. The State brought the charges against Mathis and fifty-six co-defendants in 2011, following a state-wide investigation of “internet cafes”—businesses that sell internet time to customers, who, with their […]

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  • Is it a Lottery or is it Gambling? UK Regulator Slaps Lottoland for Misleading Radio Ad

    Posted in Sweepstakes and Lottery by on February 8, 2017

    Gambling, including online gaming, lotteries, and land-based gaming, has tremendous participation in the United Kingdom.  One study concluded that 75% of the UK’s adult population gambled in some manner.  UK regulators take an aggressive approach to licensing, supervision, and enforcement of gambling laws and regulations, including gaming-related advertising.  As more U.S. states permit online gaming, […]

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  • Why Can’t I Buy A Powerball Ticket Online?

    Posted in Sweepstakes and Lottery by on January 14, 2016

    As a gaming lawyer, I get asked a lot of questions about what is legal and what is not legal. A lot of folks end conversations with me by scratching their heads and saying “that doesn’t make sense at all.”  The most recent head scratcher?  A lot of online sites recently offered to sell Powerball […]

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