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  • Skin Gambling Plaintiffs Find Themselves Back Where They Started

    Posted in eSports by on January 10, 2017

    The lawsuits against Valve Corporation are continuing their tortured procedural paths from various federal courts to state court and back again. After filing a complaint against Valve and several co-defendants in federal court, the case was ultimately dismissed. Not dissuaded, the plaintiffs refiled against Valve in state court, in King County, Washington. Yet, as of […]

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  • Shutting the Valve on Skin Betting

    Posted in eSports by on October 26, 2016

    A tried and true military strategy is to cut off your enemy’s supply lines: blow up a bridge and force a retreat. The tactic works in other situations too. It is regularly used by legislators and government agencies to address what they view as problem behavior from a particular industry. Instead of targeting the industry, […]

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  • Pokémon Go Craze: Battle, Train, Win – But No Betting

    Posted in eSports by on July 19, 2016

    We are living in a virtual (or perhaps “augmented”) Pokémon explosion. You can’t get away from news of public craze over Pokémon Go. Players young and youngish have made the game today’s most popular app, outpacing Twitter and Tinder download rates. In less than ten days from its release, estimates are that almost 26 million […]

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